Cold-Drawn Wire and Custom Wireformed Products

Quality Control

Quality control is integrated throughout our process. Your order is reviewed in a multi-step process to ensure it is accurately communicated to the production units. Materials are ordered only from qualified suppliers in accordance with industry-recognized standards. They are inspected upon receipt to ensure conformance to specifications prior to placement in our warehouse or into the manufacturing process. Use of a computer-based identification and tagging system provides heat and lot traceability from the mill to your door. Finished product is packaged according to your specifications to protect its condition while in transit, and to promote efficient handling upon arrival at your site.

State-of-the-art cutting machines and CNC wireformers provide close tolerances and high accuracy, whether working from coil or from pre-cut wire. Experienced staff provides continuous inspection and the skill to make adjustments so that your orders are consistent from beginning to end.

We take pride in high quality products and exceptional customer service. Whether large or small, each order receives our undivided attention to ensure you receive the quality and performance that you expect.

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