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Nursery Products

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Nursery Products
Nursery Products

The Alabama Wire, Inc. Nursery Products line offers a variety of products to stabilize, protect, and promote the proper growth of commercially grown landscape plants. They are simple to use, effective, and long lasting. They protect your plants, reduce the labor required to tend them, and promote higher quality specimens, thereby helping to increase the profitability and success of your business.

Galvanized steel Tree Stakes are available in diameters up to ½ inch and are cut to your length requirements. Alabama Wire has been supplying them to wholesale tree growers for more than twenty years. Metal tree stakes in most applications will outlast bamboo stakes by at least a ten year to one margin. Growers have found that metal tree stakes also provide the ideal combination of strength and flexibility. The strength of the steel promotes straightness. The flexibility allows the plant trunks to naturally flex in the wind, which promotes development of higher caliper trunks. The combination means your specimens have greater beauty, quality, and resale value.

Alabama Wire Container Hooks provide a simple yet effective method for stabilization of container-based plant stock. They are available with "shepherd's hook" or angled ends, and in any length to meet your specific requirements. By pressing the hooks into the ground with the ends over the lip of your containers, you can prevent blow-over in all but the strongest of winds. This prevents the loss of soil, loss of fertilizer, and damage to the plants. Perhaps most of all, it eliminates the labor required to perform the frequent and repetitive task of up-righting plants each time the wind blows.

The Alabama Wire Container Stabilization Basket is another highly effective method for stabilization of container-based plant stock. It consists of a galvanized wire basket, matched to a particular container size, which is anchored to the ground using "shepherd's hook" style anchors. Containers simply slip into the anchored wire basket, with no additional attachments required. It provides all of the benefits of the Container Hooks (above), but with additional advantages. Following the initial layout of your field or growing lot, you have a relatively permanent installation. Uniformity of spacing is maintained, which promotes even plant growth. For growers using drip-style irrigation, the anchored baskets provide a permanent attachment point for irrigation tubing and heads. This uniformity also makes a very aesthetically appealing field, which promotes a high quality image when buyers visit your site. When harvesting plants to take to market, plants are simply lifted out of the basket. Your layout with irrigation remains intact, ready for next season's plants to be slipped into place.

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