Cold-Drawn Wire and Custom Wireformed Products


Alabama Wire, Inc. can provide your straightened and cut wire and wireforms in a variety of finishes including:

  • Regular Mill
  • Plating Quality
  • Matte (Satin) Finish
  • Bright Finish
  • Galvanized, Regular Zinc Coating
  • Galvanized, Class 1 Zinc Coating
  • Galvanized, Class 3/A Zinc
  • Galvanized, Class 4 Zinc
  • Galvanized, Class B Zinc
  • Galvanized, Class 5 Zinc
  • Galvanized, Class C Zinc
  • Zinc Electroplate
  • Zinc Electroplate with Yellow Chromate Finish
  • Zinc Electroplate with Black Chromate Finish
  • Zinc, Hot-dip Galvanized
  • Chrome Plate
  • Plastic Coat
  • Black Oxide
  • Powder Coat
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Alabama Wire, Inc.
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